Fylkingen / Alteration of a performance space / 2009 – 2013

A new entrance, foyer, mezzanine floor and passageways expand the possible uses of this performance space. Added elements are made out of wood to facilitate future changes. // A site-based dialogue guided the process: We drew proposals to scale in the space, tried out concepts through full scale models and were in charge of securing funding for the alterations. Photos by Andrea Johnson and YR/JZ.


Goethe Institut / Instituto Cervantes / A library / 2014-2016

Library as shared space: When closed it works as foyer, bar and passage to an auditorium. When open the library is shared between two cultural institutes. // Interiors are made out of basic building materials such as mdf and wood, with detailing informed by existing pillar structure and the robust materiality of the building. Photos by Katarina Elvén and Andrea Johnson.

Article in Arkitektur PDF


Blå Taket 1:1 / Alteration of an art space / Konsthall C / 2012

Rebuilding proposal developed through 1:1 drawings and 1:1 models on site during 10 months, physically intervening in the ongoing programme of events. Alternating between sketching and testing allowed the proposal to develop in immediate proximity to the existing context. With artist Anna Högberg & political scientist Sofia Wiberg.


Editorial office / Exhibition design / KonsthallC / 2012

Exhibition design for “The Art of the Strike” by artist  Ingela Johansson. The space was modelled as an editorial office using the Ikea shelf Ivar as building component.


Polyvalence / A study / 2011

A study of the concept of polyvalence where space and objects are open to multiple interpretations and appropriations. With choreographer Björn Säfsten and art historian Maja Wismer. Supported by Innovativ Kultur.

YR/JZ is a framework for collaboration set up by architects Ylva K Rosvall and Joanna Zawieja.